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mod-debianpackageslist1A Joomla module to list packages of a Debian or Ubuntu repository.
It parses the packages.gz file(s) and displays the list of packages, including the description, the size, the version, ...
It's also possible to create an hyperlink to the file of the package to allows download.
Can display packages in a table or in a list view.


The distribution directory.

mod_debianpackageslist use the packages.gz generated by your repository manager (reprepro, dpkg-scanpackages, ...) to show packages informations. So, the dists tree must be accessible under the joomla root directory.

Here is the way I do it.

Under your joomla root folder, create a directory, ubuntu for example. Verify that you don't have a menu with the same name, otherwise it will create troubles.

mkdir ubuntu

Now create links to your dists and pool directories :

cd ubuntu
ln -s /home/reprepro/dists dists
ln -s /home/reprepro/pool pool

mod_debianpackageslist use the pool directory ony when you create a link on the file name.By adding it, you can use the directory created as an apt source.

deb http://youserver/ubuntu distrib components

The Joomla! module

You can now download the mod_debianpackageslist module and install it into Joomla!.

The first parameters are use to select the folder and the distributions options. You can specify the codename,  architecture and component. You can set many values separating them by colon :

mod debianpackageslist config 1

The next ones are used to select fields to display :

 mod debianpackageslist config 2

At last, which kind of view should we use and the sort options :

mod debianpackageslist config 3

Here is an example of the table view :

mod debianpackageslist view table

And the list view :

mod debianpackageslist view list


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