Openzwave vs python : reloaded

zwave iconYou are trying to use openzwave with python ? Me too :)
Here are some informations on how I did it and some patches. on how to do it :)
This a major update of my old how-to.




Update : the documentation is now include in sources. Look here to get the last installation instructions.


I try py-openzwave, I patch it and I fork it. Here is the new way to install python-openzwave (it is it's new name now).

Ubuntu users can use my packages to install python-openzwave in a simplest way.

You need mercurial to download python-openzwave and svn to download openzwave sources. You also need the common compiling tools (make, gcc, ...), the udev developpement headers and sphinx to generate the documentation. Look at your distribution documentation to install them.

hg clone

Get the last release of openzawe :


You are now ready to run the install command. It will download openzwave and build it, build python-openzwave and generate the API documentation :


If everything went fine, install the python module as root :

sudo ./

Read the docs and developp :)

For more information look at the python-openzwave developpement site :